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Emergency Response Officer


As an ERO you make sure that the impact of a calamity is as small as possible. You are the one that people can count on when accidents at work happen: provide first aid, extinguish a starting fire, escort people out of the building, stay calm and inform the professionals.


The content of this one day ERO course:

Provide quick and effective assistance when accidents occur:
Non-emergency first aid involves the assessment and treatment of non-life-threatening conditions such as wounds, eye injuries, sprains, bruises and bruising, fractures and burns.
Emergency first aid is about acting in case of shock, choking, heart faillure, stroke, brain damage, diabetes and epilepsy. You will also learn how to perform CPR and how to use an AED.
Firefighting: you’ll learn when you are justified in attempting to extinguish a fire (and how to do so) and when to start an evacuation.
We discuss the general evacuation procedure and the collaboration with external emergency services.


For €189,= excl. VAT (21%) you’ll get coffee/tea, a good lunch, an ERO Certificate and pass (valid for 1 year) and a fun day.

Also available: Emergency Response Officer – Refresher

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If there is enough space to practice, we are happy to come to your location. We provide a great BBQ for lunch – if desired. Feel free to contact us for more information or a competitive offer!