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Emergency Response Officer - Refresher


As an ERO you make sure that the impact of a calamity is as small as possible. You are the one that people can count on when accidents at work happen: provide first aid, extinguish a starting fire, escort people out of the building, stay calm and inform the professionals.
It is crucial to keep your knowledge and skills up to date!


The content of this 5 hours course

We start with a game to investigate what knowledge you have still available. After that we practice all the skills you need for
• non-emergency first aid: the assessment and treatment of non-life-threatening conditions such as wounds, eye injuries, sprains, bruises and bruising, fractures and burns.
• emergency first aid: acting in case of shock, choking, heart faillure, stroke, brain damage, diabetes and epilepsy.
All our manikins are connected to an instructor app: you will receive real-time CPR feedback on depth, release, rate and ventilations. The CPR training session finishes with an informal and fun QCPR-race. You will experience what it’s like to perform CPR in high-tension situations withh adrenaline flowing.
• Firefighting: we enter the world of Virtual Reality. Recognize fire hazards, carry out the door-procedure and choose the right extinguisher when the fire starts. Wearing the VR classes you imagine yourself in another world – you really have to experience that!


For €155,= excl. VAT (21%) you’ll get coffee/tea, a good lunch, an ERO Certificate and pass (valid for 1 year) and a fun day.


If there is enough space to practice, we are happy to come to your location. We provide a great BBQ for lunch – if desired. Feel free to contact us for more information or a competitive offer!